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Innovation, experience, excellence and commitment


Experience, innovation and skill.

SantamariaMedia operates as a marketing, communications and creative consultancy since 1996. We specialise in corporate communications, brand strategy innovation and new product development.

We provide clients with a consistent platform for the implementation of integrated solutions across different technologies, combining research, design consultation and strategic planning as well as production across a variety of media.

Working in collaboration with our associates expands our abilities to the fields of digital design, publishing, event management and film and photography production.

‘The panel was impressed by your creative approach to communication projects, by the design process as explained and by the passion shown at the presentation. We liked your innovative spirit and your trust in the IoL’

Cetty Zambrano, Director of Communications,
Institute of Linguists

Our Team

Damian Santamaria
Damian Santamaria
Creative Director

A brand and marketing strategist, with over fifteen years' experience in developing and deploying sucessful creative and strategic communications.

Laura Santamaria
Laura Santamaria
Head of New Media

Laura is a branding and communication consultant with a global vision and strong awareness of customer trends, sustainability and fashion.

Jenny Page
Jenny Page
Copy editor

Jenny Page has over twenty years’ experience working in editorial roles for London’s major publishing houses, including Penguin and Orion Books.